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BIG-IP With SSL Accelerator

F5's BIG-IP can now come with SSL accelerator cards built-in, which allows the BIG-IP to double as a load balancer and SSL accelerator. This also allows one to track users via cookies even with HTTPS traffic, since SSL Session-ID persistence no longer works with current revisions of SSL. It can be important to track the number of SSL sessions you have going, and F5 provides such an OID.

The OID is:

. address).(proxy port).(vip address).(vip port)

Simply replace the (variables) with your specific setup, and you'll be able to graph open SSL sessions. F5 has verified a bug with this in version 4.0 of the BIG-IP code for this metric, but it is correct in the v4.1.1 and later versions.


. address).(proxy port).(vip address)
.(vip port)& address).(proxy port).(vip
address).(vip port):public@bigip1
MaxBytes[bigip1.concur]: 2000
AbsMax[bigip1.concur]: 5000
Title[bigip1.concur]: Concurrent SSL Sessions
PageTop[bigip1.concur]: <H1>Concurrent SSL Sessions</H1> This server is a
Options[bigip1.concur]: gauge,growright
YLegend[bigip1.concur]: SSL Sessions
Legend1[bigip1.concur]: SSL Sessions
LegendI[bigip1.concur]: SSL Sessions



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