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F5 LTM 6800 - 15000TPS SSL Accel, 4GB RAM, 4Gbps, OS 10.2.4/11.1

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Model: 6800
  8 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: F5 Networks
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The F5 LTM BIG-IP 6800 application switch is optimized and designed to deeply inspect enterprise IP application traffic, offers customers unprecedented high availability and control over their applications, servers and network. The solution applies advanced business rules to ensure superior QoS (Quality of Service), is flexible to support nearly any type of IP traffic, has port density for scale and economy, and secures all traffic through SSL.

    This F5 LTM bigip 6800 unit has:
  • 4 Gbps of Throughput
  • Dual processors
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 16 - gigabit (10/100/1000) copper ports
  • 15000 TPS SSL Hardware Acceleration
  • F5 OS 10.2.4 HF3 AND F5 v11.1 HF3

Server/Node Operating System Compatibility: Load balancing of any TCP/IP OS, including Windows NT, Windows 95, all UNIX platforms and Mac/OS

Internet/Intranet Protocol Support: All TCP services, UDP, SIP and SSL; nearly all IP-based protocols

Administrative Environment Support: DNS proxy, SMTP, F-secure SSH, SNMP, dynamic/static network monitoring, scheduled batch job processing, system status reports and alarms event notification

Network Management & Monitoring: Secure SSL browser-based interface, remote encrypted login and file transfer using F-secure SSH monitor, BIG-IP system network monitoring utilities and additional contributed software; SNMP gets and traps.

Dynamic Content Support: ASP (active server pages),VB (visual basic script), ActiveX, JAVA,VRML, CGI, Cool Talk, Net Meeting, Real Audio, Real Video, Netshow, Quick Time, PointCast, any HTTP encapsulated data

BIG-IP LTM Device Redundancy: Watchdog timer card, fail-safe cable (primary & secondary)

Web Server Application Compatibility: Any IP-based web or application server

By buying from Tractionet LLC, you are not just getting hardware, but a complete solution with expertise that you can't find anywhere outside of F5 Networks themselves. Tractionet offers a 24 hour replacement on this unit. So, if you have any hardware issues, you know that Tractionet will be there for you. If you combine that with the 1 year hardware parts and labor warranty, its no wonder that Tractionet has become the top seller of Refurbished BigIPs on the market. Additionally, each unit that Tractionet LLC sells includes a FREE HOUR of BIGIP Consulting to quickly get your solution implemented quickly!

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