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BIG-IP D35- 100TPS SSL, 966mhz, 1GB RAM Ver 9.2.3

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Model: BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager v9
  2 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: F5 Networks
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F5 BIG-IP LTM Local Traffic Manager Load Balancer

Running Version 9.2.3 with 100TPS SSL ACCELERATION!

[1 x966mhz CPU]
[100 TPS SSL]
[2 x 10/100TX Ethernet ports.]
[2 x 1G Ethernet ports]
[Failover, Console, and Management ports]

Vendor : F5 Networks, Inc.
# Module List
active module : BIG-IP LTM|RMMFUZC-TOTDMJU|Add SSL 100 TPS
optional module : Add Compression (X 1 MBPS)
optional module : Add SSL TPS (X 1 TPS)
optional module : BGP Routing Module
optional module : BIG-IP GTM Module
optional module : Client Authentication
optional module : IPv6 Gateway Module
optional module : OSPF Routing Module
optional module : RamCache
optional module : Rate Shaping
optional module : RIP Routing Module
optional module : Routing Modules Bundle
# Accumulated Tokens for Module
perf_SSL_total_TPS : 100
# Accumulated Tokens for Modules
# Add SSL 100 TPS perf_SSL_Mbps 2000
# BIG-IP LTM perf_SSL_Mbps 2000
perf_SSL_Mbps : 4000
mod_ltm : enabled
ltm_conn_limits : enabled
ltm_conn_rebinding : enabled
ltm_def_gw_pool : enabled
ltm_gw_last_hop_pool : enabled
ltm_ha_active_active : enabled
ltm_ha_failover : enabled
ltm_ha_pool_min_up : enabled
ltm_ha_state_mirror : enabled
ltm_ha_vlan_failsafe : enabled
ltm_lb : enabled
ltm_lb_fastest : enabled
ltm_lb_least_conn : enabled
ltm_lb_observed : enabled
ltm_lb_predictive : enabled
ltm_lb_priority : enabled
ltm_lb_ratio : enabled
ltm_lb_rr : enabled
ltm_monitor_ftp : enabled
ltm_monitor_gateway_icmp : enabled
ltm_monitor_http : enabled
ltm_monitor_https : enabled
ltm_monitor_icmp : enabled
ltm_monitor_reverse : enabled
ltm_monitor_rule : enabled
ltm_monitor_tcp : enabled
ltm_monitor_tcp_echo : enabled
ltm_monitor_transparent : enabled
ltm_persist_simple : enabled
ltm_persist_sticky : enabled
ltm_pool : enabled
ltm_snat : enabled
ltm_transparent : enabled
nw_port_mirror : enabled
nw_stp : enabled
nw_vlan_groups : enabled

ltm_bandw_tos_qos : enabled
ltm_conn_one_connect_pool : enabled
ltm_isnat_rule : enabled
ltm_lb_dynamic_ratio : enabled
ltm_monitor_external : enabled
ltm_monitor_imap : enabled
ltm_monitor_ldap : enabled
ltm_monitor_ldap_ssl : enabled
ltm_monitor_mssql : enabled
ltm_monitor_nntp : enabled
ltm_monitor_oracle : enabled
ltm_monitor_pop3 : enabled
ltm_monitor_radius : enabled
ltm_monitor_real : enabled
ltm_monitor_scripted : enabled
ltm_monitor_sip : enabled
ltm_monitor_smtp : enabled
ltm_monitor_snmp : enabled
ltm_monitor_soap : enabled
ltm_monitor_tcp_ho : enabled
ltm_monitor_udp : enabled
ltm_monitor_wap : enabled
ltm_monitor_wmi : enabled
ltm_persist_cookie : enabled
ltm_persist_sip : enabled
ltm_persist_ssl_id : enabled
ltm_persist_universal : enabled
ltm_persist_wts : enabled
ltm_proxy_content : enabled
ltm_proxy_header : enabled
ltm_proxy_probe : enabled
ltm_proxy_redirect : enabled
ltm_rule_L4 : enabled
ltm_rule_L7 : enabled
perf_PVA_dram_limit : enabled
perf_PVA_enable : enabled
security_authz : enabled
security_nw_pk_filter : enabled
security_ssl : enabled
# Platform Information
Licensed version : 9.2.3
Platform ID : D35

BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager

Scale up easily while improving the user experience

Local Traffic Manager diagram

Application delivery delays, inefficiencies, and failures can cost millions of dollars in terms of wasted budgets, damage to company reputation, system and application downtime, legal liability, and lost opportunities.

The BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) is an application delivery networking system that provides the most intelligent and adaptable solution to secure, optimize, and deliver applications, enabling organizations to effectively and competitively run their business.

BIG-IP LTM is the only system that features a set of unified application infrastructure services that deliver total control, vision, and flexibility into application security, performance, and delivery. The result? Greater business agility and successful outcomes for the lifeblood of today's organization -- the application itself.


It's not just about stopping attacks -- it's also about simultaneously serving legitimate users. BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager delivers the best of both worlds, providing a suite of security services that play a significant role in bolstering network and application security. From adding powerful network and protocol level security to filtering application attacks, BIG-IP LTM is deployed at a critical gateway to your most precious resources -- the applications that run your business.


The unequalled intelligence of BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager provides a powerful solution for organizations looking to improve their application performance, increase the capacity of their existing infrastructure, lower infrastructure costs, and accelerate their applications.


BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager removes single points of failure and virtualizes the network and applications using industry-leading L7 intelligence. BIG-IP LTM includes rich static and dynamic load balancing methods, including Dynamic Ratio, Least Connections, and Observed Load Balancing, which tracks dynamic performance levels of servers in a group. This ensures that all sites are always on, more scalable, and easier to manage than ever before.

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