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Big-IP HA+ D25 - 2U, 700 MHz, 1G RAM - 4.5.14 - used & QA tested

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Model: BIGIP HA/HA+ D25 2U
Shipping Weight: 25.00 lbs
  4 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: F5 Networks
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BIGIP Load Balancer. 2U, 700 Mhz, 1G RAM, 4 - 100 Mbps interfaces, BIGIP OS 4.5.14.

Server/Node Operating System Compatibility:
Load balancing of any TCP/IP OS, including Windows NT, Windows 95, all UNIX platforms and Mac/OS

Internet/Intranet Protocol Support:
All TCP services, UDP, SIP and SSL; nearly all IP-based protocols

Administrative Environment Support:
DNS proxy, SMTP, F-secure SSH, SNMP, dynamic/static network monitoring, scheduled batch job processing, system status reports and alarms event notification

Network Management & Monitoring:
Secure SSL browser-based interface, remote encrypted login and file transfer using F-secure SSH monitor, BIG-IP system network monitoring utilities and additional contributed software; SNMP gets and traps.

Dynamic Content Support:
ASP (active server pages),VB (visual basic script), ActiveX, JAVA,VRML, CGI, Cool Talk, Net Meeting, Real Audio, Real Video, Netshow, Quick Time, PointCast, any HTTP encapsulated data

BIG-IP Device Redundancy:
Watchdog timer card, fail-safe cable (primary & secondary)

Web Server Application Compatibility:
Any IP-based web or application server

By buying from Tractionet LLC, you are not just getting hardware, but a complete solution with expertise that you can't find anywhere outside of F5 Networks themselves. Tractionet offers a 24 hour replacement on this unit. So, if you have any hardware issues, you know that Tractionet will be there for you. If you combine that with the 1 year hardware parts and labor warranty, its no wonder that Tractionet has become the top seller of Refurbished BigIPs on the market. Additionally, each unit that Tractionet LLC sells includes 2 FREE HOURS of BIGIP Consulting to quickly get your solution implemented quickly!

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