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Big-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 -800 TPS SSL Accel - refurb

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Model: BIGIP e-Commerce Controller 520
Shipping Weight: 35.00 lbs
  3 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: F5 Networks
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BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 - Refurbished

This unit has 800 TPS SSL Acceleration! It allows you to terminate the HTTPS Session at this device and remove the need for doing the CPU intensive crypto on each web server!

Enhanced speed and superior scalability for secure on-line processing

The BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 manages Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption/decryption - increasing site performance and your ability to scale SSL transactions. It offloads the burden of SSL traffic from Web servers, thereby increasing server performance, and eliminating the need for SSL-capable server hardware/software on every Web server - dramatically lowering administrative costs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Offloads CPU-draining SSL encryption/decryption from Web servers - freeing them to serve more content
  • Support for Client Certificate authorization
  • Linearly scales to meet any SSL processing requirement by adding additional BIG-IP e-Commerce Controllers
  • Centralizes certificate management to a single source, greatly simplifying administrative duties
  • Eliminates the need to buy and install SSL-capable server software on every server within the network
  • Up to 800 SSL transactions/second
  • Secure web management interface for simplified administration
  • Interoperability with BIG-IP load balancer or any 3rd party load balancing product
  • Deployed quickly within any network - typically installs in 15 minutes


Keeps Your Customers Coming Back
A customer logs onto your site, fills a shopping cart, then waits for a secure connection to finalize the purchase. While your server is decrypting and encrypting the transaction, your customer is waiting. The BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller

Maximize Your Server Investment
From NT to Linux to Solaris, your servers slow down significantly when handling SSL transactions - delivering up to 50-times fewer connections per second (source:  Networkship:  Scaling Security in e-Commerce Applications).  The BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 seamlessly offloads CPU-intensive connections from your servers, freeing them to perform at their peak levels. 

SSL Acceleration for Any Application
Secure Socket Layer remains the industry standard for secure Web communication - and any site requiring secure communications over the Web must efficiently serve SSL traffic. From Application Service Providers (ASPs) to the enterprise, the BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 provides the award-winning SSL processing required for reliable, secure communication over the Internet - no matter what the application.

Client Certificate Check
BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 enhances your control of SSL through SSL Certificate Checking - allowing you to maintain a list of authorized Certificate Authorities. If the client doesn't present a certificate that matches the list, the client will be denied access -strengthening the security of your system.


Meet Any SSL Traffic Demands
The BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 provides linear scalability to meet the largest SSL processing demands. Increase the performance of a single device through software upgrades. Or build an SSL "power farm" by adding an unlimited number of BIG-IP e-Commerce Controllers behind a BIG-IP load balancer (or any other vendor's load balancing product). The BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller provides cost-effective scalability with a superior architecture that lets you efficiently grow your site's SSL capabilities as needed.


SSL Without Headaches
The BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 simplifies SSL management by eliminating the need to install and manage special acceleration cards and SSL certificates on every Web server. A graphical management interface helps you manage SSL certificates, further reducing the number of setup and administration tasks.

Enhanced GUI
BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 includes an intuitive and easy to use web-based GUI. Common configuration tasks are logically grouped, simplifying configuration and management while reducing the cost of implementation and ongoing maintenance of your infrastructure.

Cost Savings

Lowers Administration Costs
Because the BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 supports nearly all types of Web servers, in virtually any number, you eliminate the costs of installing and managing additional software or hardware on each server. The larger the server farm, the greater the savings. F5 Networks provides best-of-breed application traffic products that work together to provide end-to-end solutions. Each F5 product can also stand alone for easy implementation within existing networks.


Unmatched Security
BIG-IP e-Commerce Controller 520 is a Hardened Device designed to resist common attacks and provide added protection for your servers and network:

  • Thwarts Denial of Service attacks (reaps idle connections)
  • Thwarts IP spoofing (performs source route tracing)
  • Resists unacknowledged SYN without ACK buffers (thwarts SYN floods)
  • Thwarts teardrop and land attacks
  • Protects itself and servers from ICMP attacks
  • Does not run SMTPd, FTPd, Telnetd, or any other attackable daemons
  • Uses packet filtering to limit or deny access to and from Internet sites
  • Uses Secure Remote administration based on secure shell (SSH) for command line or SSL for browser-based management
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