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Sonicwall Pro 330 - Refurbished

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Model: Pro 330
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs
  2 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: SonicWall
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SonicWALL's PRO 330 Internet security appliance is the perfect integrated business security solution to protect your network against malicious threats with firewall technology and to connect your remote sites and remote employees with hardware accelerated VPN capabilities.

A powerful stateful packet inspection firewall ensures the integrity and validity of every packet that enters your corporate network, keeping malicious threats out while allowing legitimate network traffic to pass through without degrading performance. The PRO 330's flexible high speed interfaces create multiple protected zones, securing networks against external and internal threats. And you can deliver additional layers of protection with SonicWALL's portfolio of integrated security applications including auto-enforced Complete Anti-Virus and Content Filtering.

With the SonicWALL PRO 330's powerful and reliable IPSec VPN acceleration and bundled VPN clients, you can offer secure access to your corporate resources immediately. SonicWALL's VPN Single Arm Mode feature seamlessly interoperates with, and removes the burden of, encryption and decryption from an existing firewall. Implementing a dedicated VPN solution maintains maximum performance, adds scalability, and improves security policy enforcement quickly and easily. Additional VPN features such as User Level Authentication (ULA), DHCP Relay, Bandwidth Management and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) give you complete control over your secure connections. Designed for business critical networks, the PRO 330 includes High Availability for guaranteed automatic fail-over when configured with a mirror appliance, while redundant power offer added reliability and maximum availability of network resources.

The PRO 330 can be easily managed through a Web interface or from a central location with SonicWALL's award-winning GMS (Global Management System) management console for provisioning and enforcing security policies across the entire network. Real-time monitoring of essential information can be sent through SNMP MIBs to centralized tools such as HP OpenView, while system log events and network statistics are captured locally or sent to bundled SonicWALL ViewPoint reporting software, giving you real-time intelligence from a central, Web-enabled console.

The SonicWALL PRO 330 is a cost-effective, integrated security solution that provides end-to-end security and remote access for networks of all sizes. Now you can have complete protection and high performance VPN connections that scale to meet your business needs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Highly Available / Redundant Firewall - The PRO 330 comes stock with high availability capabilities. Use 2 Pro 330 units to achieve higher uptime and availability of your network. Perfect for web hosting envirnoments and situations where downtime cannot be tolerated.
  • Performance, ICSA-Certified Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall - The PRO 330 adheres to industry standards for enterprise-class firewall protection with ICSA-certified stateful packet inspection technology that keeps malicious threats and hackers out while allowing your critical network traffic through.
  • Integrated Security and Protection - The PRO 330 provides everything needed for critical network security and connectivity. An all-in-one security appliance, the PRO 330 protects against a variety of malicious attacks with a hardened stateful packet inspection firewall, IPSec VPN, and integrated support for SonicWALL's auto-enforced and updated Complete Anti-Virus, Content Filtering, and Rapid Email Attachment Blocking.
  • Flexible and Powerful VPN Concentration - The PRO 330's ICSA-certified IPSec VPN is designed to ensure compatibility with any manufacturers ICSA IPSec-compliant VPN appliances for easy deployment and integration into a secured distributed enterprise. SonicWALL's Security ASIC architecture guarantees the best possible VPN performance for fast, secure access to corporate resources, while bundled VPN software clients deliver a quick and cost-effective VPN deployment straight out of the box.
  • VPN Single Arm Mode - Configuration of SonicWALL's VPN Single Arm Mode feature provides seamless interoperability with an existing firewall to remove the burden of encryption and decryption completely from the firewall, processing all VPN traffic. Creating a dedicated VPN solution dramatically increases performance and security policy enforcement through VPN tunnels, delivering a best-of-breed solution for scalable networks.
  • Complete Control - The PRO 330 includes support for a complete set of management and control features, including User Level Authentication (ULA), Bandwidth Management, DHCP Relay through VPN tunnels, automatic security updates, as well as built-in support for SonicWALL's Global Management System (GMS), an intuitive management console for provisioning and enforcing security policies across the entire network.
  • Easily Deployed and Managed - The PRO 330 fits perfectly into any corporate network infrastructure and can be managed by a wide array of local or remote options including CLI, SNMP, or SonicWALL's intuitive Web management interface. Administration Wizards reduce the time and cost of deploying secure connectivity, while award-winning SonicWALL GMS is recommended for centralized management of firewall security and VPN policies enforcement, supporting corporate headquarters, branch offices, and remote workers.
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