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WARP with Multi-Path VPN aggregation

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Model: WARP with MPVPN
  2 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: FatPipe
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FatPipe WARP is our most dynamic and flexible router-clustering/load balancing device for high reliability, high redundancy, and high-speed delivery of incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Aggregating up to three T3/E3 lines for speeds of up to 155 Mbps, WARP enables the hosting of large sets of internal servers including web, e-mail, firewall, and load balancing devices. By providing reliability and redundancy for WANs, WARP complements other redundancy devices located internally, to provide complete redundancy and reliability for internal/external information systems. WARP works with existing hardware, operating systems, and applications.

Corporations hosting Intranets, Extrants, or Thin Client servers such as Citrix, or any other mission critical web-based applications benefit from the dependability of WARP for a reliable, and fast WAN. WARP dynamically load balances over multiple ISPs without the need for BGP programming.

WARP dynamically auto load balances incoming and outgoing traffic to servers   WARP works seamlessly over multiple ISPs (or the same ISP using different POPs), and backbones to ensure that WAN connections are always up 
Reverse Port Mapping, allows the client to multi-home servers and conserve IP addresses and direct application traffic to specific servers. No additional equipment or software is required
Web-based management tools for remote monitoring   WARP not only balances load over multiple lines, but also recognizes when lines, routers, ISPs or backbones fail, WARP automatically reroutes the information to available lines
Paging and e-mail emergency notification   WARP’s unique features and benefits satisfy corporations’ need for high availability in their WANs
No BGP programming. Allows IT manager to focus on more important tasks 
WARP is a necessity for corporations that rely on the Internet or their WAN hosting servers  
Works transparently with existing Internet access management software   
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