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ServerIron Link Balancer - 16 Port with 2 Gigabit Fiber - refurb

Model: FBSLB16
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs
  2 Units in Stock
Manufactured by: Foundry Networks
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Built on Foundry’s proven IronCore architecture, ServerIron enables Internet traffic switching based on Layer 2 through Layer 7 definitions, and delivers industry-leading performance for Internet traffic management functions. Link Balancer Applications ServerIron Link Balancer supports the following key applications in the Enterprise network:

  • Link Load Balancing – Distribute IP-based services and transparently load balance traffic across multiple ISP links while continuously monitoring link health, response time and utilization in real time. This application enhances overall reliability and availability of Internet access while optimizing utilization on all available links. Enterprise users will experience immediate improvements in productivity with no added cost.
  • Link Aggregation – Get increased bandwidth for Internet access by aggregating multiple low-cost links with intelligent load balancing. Avoid paying steep prices for high-capacity links and minimize the risk of downtime. Increase service reliability and reduce cost by purchasing and aggregating bandwidth from multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • Enterprise Network Security – With the superior performance and advanced security features, the ServerIron, when deployed with the Link Balancer, acts the first line of defense to Firewalls and Enterprise applications against DoS attacks. The ServerIron Link Balancer provides IronShield protection to critical business applications from unauthorized and malicious users.
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