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Why Buy Refurbished Hardware from Traction Networks LLC? - Infoworld articl

If you haven’t dived into the secondhand market waters yet, now may be the time to think about taking the plunge. The glut of used IT equipment that flooded the market after the dot-com bubble burst made secondhand purchases a no-brainer for many IT shops.

So does buying used or refurbished IT equipment make sense? Yes, according to some IT execs, but only if you’re picky about what you buy and from whom. Howard Bastedo, director of engineering at ISP Wyoming.com, which has a 14-person IT department, says there are still bargains on used gear, but advises potential buyers to check sellers’ references carefully.

“ You wouldn’t believe what we bought, it’s just amazing,? Bastedo says, citing bargains he’s gotten on used Cisco and Foundry routers and switches, Sun Microsystems servers, and even Lucent telephone switches, both from brokers and on eBay over the past two years.

Bastedo says he hasn’t had many bad experiences, but that’s because Wyoming.com is “very careful who we deal with."

"Other than just saving the money,? Bastedo explains, “it has allowed us to expand our network and upgrade in less time than it would have.? He also recommends buying refurbished equipment. “We have discovered that Dell’s refurbished workstations have less of a failure rate than their new ones — they pay a little bit more attention to refurbishing them — more thorough checking, a little bit longer burn-in,? he explains.

Etienne Handman, CTO of online mortgage lender E-Loan, a company with $100 million in annual revenue and 650 employees, recommends focusing secondhand buying efforts on higher-end equipment that has longer product life cycles (and therefore holds its value better), and that is based on mature technology (and is therefore easier to maintain).

“ For things that are relatively large, expensive, and long-lived — certainly for Sun eight-processor-and-up machines — there’s definitely money to be saved,? Handman says.
The above article is an excerpt from an Infoworld Report.

Traction Networks LLC can help you save a bundle on your high-end networking and load-balancing needs. No matter if you need to load balancer a web server farm, Multiple ISP feeds or you need to add some Blade Servers to your farms, Traction Networks LLC has the refurbished solution for you. With a 1 year hardware parts and labor warranty and free consulting with every sale, Traction Networks LLC can get you designed, configured, and implemented in not time! Call, chat or email us so that we can help you get started today with brand name solutions at affordable prices!

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