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Here in the "Learn More" section, you will find up-to-date articles about some of the technology concepts behind the equipment and services we sell. Click on an article to read more.

NOTE: Expert LTM, GTM, APM, ASM, AFM, BIGIP and 3DNS Consulting from Tractionet is available! Please Click here to contact us to discuss your F5 Networks LTM, GTM, APM, ASM, AFM consulting needs!

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Using the BIG-IP to Load Balance multiple ISPs - Link LB

Read DocumentThis article describes how to use the BIGIP to load balance multiple websites across multiple ISP drops or links. Note that this solution might also require F5 Networks' 3DNS solution to handle the DNS for multiple subnets of the 2 ISP drops/links.

Added March 30, 2005 - Article #17

3DNS Global Load Balancing

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3DNS Global Load Balancer. The F5 Networks 3DNS global load balancer addresses the inherent risk present in single data center hosting. The 3DNS product load balances a site across multiple geographic regions. It monitors data centers and server clusters (or individual servers) at each location and takes them out of rotation should an outage at that location occur ensuring that your application has the highest uptime and availability possible.

Added March 30, 2005 - Article #19

The merits of using a Load Balancer as a Firewall

Read DocumentIn a nutshell, yes! Per Tony Bourke, using a load balancer to distribute traffic to the servers, as well as protect them, would be both financially and logistically advantageous. Most load balancers can push hundreds of Mbps worth of traffic while providing firewall functionality to a site, without any performance hit. Keep in mind that this concept may not fit everyone's needs. Some websites might have a need for a higher level of security like financial related websites.

Added January 26, 2005 - Article #18

The Low-down on Load Balancing

Read DocumentA brief introduction to load balancing. "Load balancing, in its simplest terms, is a way to divide the work a server has to do between two or more servers. If your business operates its own web site, for example..."

Added May 23, 2004 - Article #16

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