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Global Load Balancing

3DNS Global Load Balancer. The F5 Networks 3DNS global load balancer addresses the inherent risk present in single data center hosting. The 3DNS product load balances a site across multiple geographic regions. It monitors data centers and server clusters (or individual servers) at each location and takes them out of rotation should an outage at that location occur ensuring that your application has the highest uptime and availability possible.

You can read more about how 3DNS Global Load Balancing works in Traction Networks "Learn More" section here:Learn More about 3DNS Global Load Balancing

By buying from Tractionet LLC, you are not just getting hardware, but a complete solution with expertise that you can't find anywhere outside of F5 Networks themselves. Also, Tractionet offers a 1 year limited hardware parts and labor warranty. Its no wonder that Tractionet has become the top seller of Refurbished BigIPs on the market. Additionally, each unit that Tractionet LLC sells includes 2 FREE HOURS of BIGIP Consulting to quickly get your solution implemented quickly!

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)  1 
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