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What can PowerLink™ do for me?

VPN Link Failover, DNS Authoritative Server and Hardware Failover, provide always available load balanced connectivity.
In today's expanding Internet marketplace, optimizing online presence is critical for business success. Businesses of all sizes, from multi-national corporations to the local corner store, are using the Internet to reach new markets, more efficiently deliver goods and services to customers around the world, and foster better communications with employees, partners, and suppliers. These trends are the driving force behind businesses need for higher bandwidth and highly available Internet access using redundant links ... [read more]

PowerLink™ WAN aggregation and High Availability solutions

The PowerLink™ High Availability Traffic Managing Solutions" ensures 100% up-time of your network access (using multi-homing of multiple links to multiple ISPs). In addition to high availability, the PowerLink™ aggregates the traffic of multiple WAN links into a single virtual wide-pipe for up to 8 Mbps of throughput.

Regardless of traffic fluctuations and/or failures across the net, PowerLink™ will provide your users with consistent and reliable service by optimizing traffic to and from all your network resources. PowerLink™'s flexibility performs intelligent load-balancing of traffic over any type of service (T1, xDSL, Cable, ISDN, Wireless, Satellite, etc.) even allowing for the mixing of different services from different providers.

This comprehensive PowerPoint presentation will walk you through the features of PowerLink™ products in terms of high speed, high reliability, low cost Internet access ... [PowerLink™ overview]

Additionally, the following presentation will walk you through the concepts of Link Aggregation/Link Balancing with various sample configurations... [Multihomed ISP/WAN link failover with the PowerLink™]

Finally, the PowerLink IV+ with DNS allows for 2 PowerLink units to be used in a redundant fashion. Other solutions in this price range do not offer this feature. Always try to avoid replacing one single point of failure with another.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)  1 
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