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Core Benefits:

  • Optimized for Web and infrastructure
  • Integrated management
  • System-level redundancy

The HP BL e-Class are maximum density server blades for scale-out solutions and are part of the HP BL line. The HP BL e-Class blade enclosure provides redundant, hot-plug power and cooling to all installed BL10e server blades. In each blade enclosure is the HP BL e-Class Integrated Administrator for remote power control and remote console access to all installed server blades.

  • 20 server blades in 3U maximizes data center space, power and cooling
  • Best-in-class Web-serving performance per Watt
  • Supports a broad set of Windows- and Linux-based front-end and infrastructure applications

Integrated management and rapid deployment

  • Quickly provision many blades with minimal intervention using HP Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack
  • Remote power control and console access to all server blades via the Integrated Administrator
  • Full compatibility with Insight Manager and other HP Essentials utilities to simplify planning, operations and change management

System-level redundancy

  • Hot-plug redundant power and cooling shared across server blades
  • ECC memory and NIC failover support per node
  • Optional dual-switch interconnect design for redundant paths to the network ports of each blade

Typical Uses:
  • Load-balanced Web and IT infrastructure applications such as web and terminal server farms.
  • Web hosting.
  • Infrastructure application servers, such as gateway, DHCP, firewalls, load balancing.
  • Massively parallel computing environments in lifesciences and bioinformatics.

Example: Lifesciences, bioinformatics and other HPTC markets seeking a dense IA-32/Linux compute cluster platform.

Problems and Requirements:
Computational clusters based on industry-standard components and Linux are cost-effective and are replacing larger, UNIX-based systems in high performance technical computing. Companies require dense cluster nodes that are highly manageable and easy to deploy and service.

Solving the Customer Problem
The HP BL e-Class provides industry standard 32-bit computing and multi-blade management in an ultra-dense, modular package. The HP BL e-Class server blade system enables rapid scale out for compute clusters, along with integrated, remote power control and console management. Up to 280 BL10e server blades can be deployed in a standard 42U rack optimizing use of valuable data center space and reducing the physical size of high performance compute clusters.

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