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Server Load Balancing

About Tractionet's High-Availability / Load Balancing Solutions:

Tractionet can help you quickly implement a complete Load Balancing / High-Availability solution by providing planning, setup, configuration, implementation, and administration. With years of experience, Traction Networks LLC can quickly implement the most demanding LB/HA solutions. Additionally, at Tractionet, we can help optimize the performance of your load balancing solution. Tractionet works with small, medium and large companies to help your I.T. Department and staff quickly improve uptime and availability. If your company lacks the time or skills for your Highly Available/Load balanced solution, Tractionet can help. Tractionet specializes in refurbished F5 Networks's BIG-IP, Foundry Network's ServerIron, Cisco CSS, Radware, and Powerlink Load Balancers at a fraction of the price. Tractionet Refurbished Solutions are available for as much as 90% off of new list price! Additionally, traction net offers free consulting with every sale!

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About Server Load-Balancing (SLB):

Server Load-Balancing is a process and technology that distributes site traffic among several servers using a network-based device. This device processes traffic targeted at a site and redirects that traffic to various servers (nodes) distributing the load across multiple machines creating a vast virtual server. This load balancing process is completely transparent to the end user and there can be anywhere from 2 to hundreds of servers operating behind a single URL.

In summary, a load-balancer will:

  • Process traffic destined for a site.

  • Split traffic into individual requests and decides which servers receives those requests.
  • Maintains a watch on the available servers (nodes), ensuring they are responding to traffic and if they do not, remove them from rotation.
  • Provides redundancy by employing more than one unit in a a fail over scenario (High Availability).
  • Offers content-aware distribution, by doing things such as processing URLs and routing traffic based on portions of the URL, intercepting cookies, and XML parsing.

Typical Server Load Balancer Configuration

Cisco - CSS
Cisco - CSS
Foundry - ServerIron
Foundry - ServerIron

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