PowerLink-Iplus™ / PowerLink-IV™: Solutions for Achieving High Availability and Ultra Reliable Internet Access

As Internet applications become richer in content the need for greater bandwidth and more reliable access(es) becomes critical. PowerLink-Iplus™ delivers solutions for both these problems with it's robust WAN (xDSL, T1, Cable, ISDN, Wireless, etc.) aggregation and fail-over capabilities. PowerLink-Iplus™ allows for the combining of multiple WAN access links into a single logical channel for high-speed data transmissions up to 8Mbps. In addition to bandwidth aggregation, PowerLink-Iplus™ offers high availability / fail-over features by actively monitoring the performance of each WAN link, should any link fail, traffic is automatically forwarded to the other active links. When service is restored to the failed link, the connection is immediately brought back into the aggregation. Thus, PowerLink-Iplus™ allows businesses a cost effective solution to achieve high availability and high bandwidth access both to and from the Internet.


Automatic fail-over redundancy is a primary advantage provided by the PowerLink-Iplus™ and can be implemented in several ways and at various levels. Since the PowerLink-Iplus™ enables businesses to aggregate their WAN access over multiple and various WAN links that can be any combination of speed, WAN technology or Service Provider; a very high level of redundancy is accomplished. For example, with the PowerLink™ a single site could be connected to the Internet via DSL, Cable, Wireless and Satellite with each line connected to a different Service Provider. If any line or Provider failed, the PowerLink-Iplus™ would remove the failed link and traffic would continue to flow over the remaining links. When the failed link comes back up, it will be immediately placed back in service. This type of network configuration is known as "multi-homing" and represents the most cost effective solution for creating high reliability/high performance network access.


For additional bandwidth, a business is able to incrementally increase access bandwidth by aggregating multiple slower speed lines thus avoiding having to jump to the next higher available access technology. For example, if you now have a T1 line and need additional bandwidth, you would have to jump to a T3 line thus going from 1.5 mbps to 45 mbps, which is probably significantly more bandwidth than required and is a dramatic increase in cost. With PowerLink-Iplus™, you could simply add a second line, (T1, DSL or any technology that meets your needs and is cost effective for your situation) and have a relatively small increase in cost and more closely match your needs. The PowerLink-Iplus™ is totally transparent to the WAN technology selected and will aggregate based on relative line speeds.


The term "multi-homing" refers to a network that uses multiple connections to the Internet, usually through multiple ISPs. Multi-homed networks are increasing in popularity because they provide networks with an extremely high level of reliability and performance. Better reliability in that the network is protected in the event of a single link or access router failure. Better performance in that the network's bandwidth to the Internet is now the sum of the bandwidths available through each of the access links.


PowerLink-Iplus™ is a very versatile product that can be used for any situation where high speed, reliable, and redundant Internet access is important. The following are some situations where PowerLink-Iplus™ is very suitable.

What does this mean for the End-user?

The PowerLink-Iplus™ provides the End-User with a means of increasing their bandwidth to the Internet in a more cost-effective manner. They are no longer forced to make quantum increases (DSL to T1, T1 to T3) with the accompanying cost increase. In addition, the End-user can implement redundant links from the same or multiple providers thus improving reliability and security of access to the Internet.


As businesses continue to increase their reliance on the Internet for all aspects of their business, from sales to data access, high-speed, reliability, and redundancy are becoming increasingly more importan

With PowerLink-Iplus™, combining multiple WAN lines into a single virtual connection can provide business class networks with a high-speed, reliable, and redundant connection to the Internet. The PowerLink-Iplus™ provides the highest possible ease of installation and use, with the maximum redundancy and network reliability possible. PowerLink-Iplus™ ensures that your network will have a reliable redundant connection to the Internet at a cost-effective affordable price.