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Version 4.x Code MRTG Configs

Global Metrics

The metrics in this section are metrics that are inclusive of the entire BIG-IP, rather than individual components such as virtual servers or nodes. There is also a section on individual metrics.

Bandwidth out of Each Interface

Bandwidth out of each interface is part of the standard IF-MIB, and the standard cfgmaker script supplied with MRTG will provide you with a configuration for all of the Ethernet interfaces. This is the same no matter what version of code you are running.


Connections Per Second

Connections per second are the most important metric to keep track of for any load balancer as it is typically the most resource-intensive, especially for web sites with small files and a high rate of connections.

Name: enterprises.f5.f5systems.loadbal.globals.globalStats.globalStatTotalConn.0
Type: Counter
Sample config:


MaxBytes[bigip1_ConnRate]: 2000
AbsMax[bigip1_ConnRate]: 8000
Options[bigip1_ConnRate]: growright
Title[bigip1_ConnRate]: bigip1 - Connections per Second
PageTop[bigip1_ConnRate]: <H1>Connections Per Second This 
server is a BIG/ip
  <TR><TD>Object:</TD><TD>Connections/Sec -</TD></TR>
YLegend[bigip1_ConnRate]: connections/s
ShortLegend[bigip1_ConnRate]: connections/s
Legend1[bigip1_ConnRate]: connections/s
LegendI[bigip1_ConnRate]:  con/s:

Concurrent Connections

Another very useful metric to trend is the total number of concurrent connections. This counts the number of sessions the BIG-IP is handling, which are the open TCP sessions that users have established. UDP isn't included in this of course, as UDP is a connectionless protocol.

Name: enterprises.f5.f5systems.loadbal.globals.globalStats.globalStatCurrentConn.0
Type: Gauge
Example config:


MaxBytes[bigip1_CurrentConn]: 100000
AbsMax[bigip1_CurrentConn]: 1000000
Options[bigip1_CurrentConn]: gauge,growright,nopercent
Title[bigip1_CurrentConn]: bigip1 - Current Active Connections
PageTop[bigip1_CurrentConn]: <H1>Current Active Connections
server is a BIG/ip
  <TR><TD>Object:</TD><TD>Current Active Connections</TD></TR>
YLegend[bigip1_CurrentConn]: current conn
ShortLegend[bigip1_CurrentConn]: connections
Legend1[bigip1_CurrentConn]: connections
LegendI[bigip1_CurrentConn]:  conn:

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